Situated in the western region of China rich in history, the ancient city of Xi'an is known as the first capital of China, and the resting place of the widely acclaimed terra cotta warriors. Having once been the eastern terminus of the Silk Road, Xi'an boasts a unique cuisine that may be best described as a fusion of Middle Eastern and Chinese foods.

Noodles and dumplings are the staples of the local food, which has a reputed spicy diet. The popular local tasties include:

Liangpi, Cold Noodles
Biangbiangmian, Wide Hand-Pulled Noodles
Mount Qi Hand-Ripped Noodles in Spicy and Sour Soup
Buckwheat Cold Noodles
Roujiamo, Stewed Pork Burger
Yangrou Paomo, Lamb Soup with Baked Bread
Shuipen Mutton Soup
Hulutou Soup
Xi'an Dumpling Feast
Sour Soup Dumplings
Guantang Baozi, Steamed Bun with Soup Inside
Guokui Baked Pancake
Nang Baked Bread
Fengmi Zongzi, Glutinous Rice with Honey Dressings
Babao Jinggao, Eight-Treasure Steamed Glutinous Rice Cake
Babaozhou, Eight Treasure Sweet Soup
Shizi Bing, Persimmon Pancake
De Mao Gong Crystal Cake
Dried Fruits and Nuts
Dried Fruits and Nuts
Dried Fruits and Nuts

Recommended Restaurants

Xiguan Beef and Lamb Paomo Restaurant, Tongshengxiang Beef and Lamb Paomo Restaurant, and Chunfasheng Paomo Restaurant are all good places to go for the must-eat dish Lamb Paomo Soup.

Tongshengxiang Beef and Lamb Paomo Restaurant near Drum Tower, West Boulevard, downtown Xi’an

Also worth trying are the Defachang Restaurant and the Baiyunzhang Northwest Style Snack Restaurant where Dumpling Feast is served.

Defachang Dumpling Feast Restaurant, near Drum Tower, West Boulevard, downtown Xi’an

The Muslim quarter behind the Drum Tower is one of the most bustling places in Xi'an. The Muslim street is lined up with all kinds of stalls, restaurants, and eateries selling dishes and snacks which, according to an American writer, date back hundreds of years and each with their own story. In the 8th century A.D., Xi’an, called Chang’an at the time, was the largest international city in the world with a population of over one million. One third of them are foreigners. The Muslim quarter has been inhabited by Chinese Muslims for over one thousand years. Many authentic Islamic snacks, like beef or mutton Rou Jia Mo burgers, northwestern style noodles, Yangrou Paomo, Guantang Baozi and many other attractive disserts could be found here that will not make you disappointed.

Entrance to Muslim Quarter
Kabobs Stall
Souvenir Shop
Jiasan Guantang Baozi Restaurant
Pastries Stall
Pastries Stall
Dissert Stall
Fried Pancake with Stuffings Stall
Eight-Treasure Glutinous Rice Cake Stall
Persimmon Pancake Stall
Hand-Pulled Noodle Stall
Liangpi and Buckwheat Cold Noodle Stall
Xiyangshi Eatery Street on Muslim Quarter

Shaanxi snacks could be found in Xi’an in restaurants of local specialties. Donglaishun Sanyuan Snacks Restaurant offers a wide variety of tasty treats from Sanyuan county, which is said to boast around 400 culinary specialties.

Coil Shaped Noodle, Sanyuan County Snack, Shaanxi
Fried Thousand-Layer Bread, Sanyuan County Snack, Shaanxi
Coiled Flour Cake, Sanyuan County Snack, Shaanxi
Coil-Shaped Noodle, Sanyuan County Snack, Shaanxi
Bubbled yougao Dissert, Sanyuan County Snack, Shaanxi

Qianzhou Restaurant offers a broad line of snacks from Qianxian County, which is reputed to have four treasures, i.e., Toufu soup, Noodle, Guokui bread, and Chasu dissert.

Qianzhou Restaurant
Chasu Dissert
Baked Guokui Bread
Toufu Soup

Jinyan’an Restaurant features a recipe of Northern Shaanxi Province.

Pickled Toufu
Stewed Mutton Soup
Stewed Mutton Soup
Fried Potato and Flour Roughage
Wantuo Roughage
Glutinous Millet Dissert

In addition, Xi’an is a repository of highly prized fruits as follows:

Crystal Persimmon
Chinese Dates
Organic Apple